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What's Inside the Ebook?

✔️ Discover the steps to select supplements safely
✔️ Vitamin supplements
✔️ Fish oil supplements
✔️ Joint supplements
✔️ Probiotics
✔️ ...and more!

About the Author

Dr. Hillary Wolfe is a licensed veterinarian with extensive training in pet nutrition.

After completing an undergraduate degree in Biology and a doctorate degree in veterinary medicine, she went on to obtain additional certifications in pet nutrition, including...
  • NAVC Pet Nutrition Coach Certification
  • CIVT Natural Nutrition Certification
  • The Chi University's Food Therapy Certification
  • In progress: The NAVC Pet Therapeutic Nutrition Certification

Dr. Wolfe's passion is to teach pet parents a reliable way to choose pet food, and how to tailor the food to meet their pet's specific needs. There is so much misinformation online, and ultimately myths and misperceptions about pet nutrition can and have led to extreme illness or even death. Your pet's nutrition is the foundation to their health - what you feed them matters!

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