You feel overwhelmed and misled by all of the conflicting opinions surrounding the pet food market.

You want to learn more about your pet's nutritional needs but are tired of spending hours searching google for reliable information.

You want to feed your pet the best food, or even start cooking for them, but just don't know where to start.

You're worried that your pet's diet isn't optimal or may be causing them harm.

If you can relate, then this is the perfect course for you!


No more time wasted on scouring the internet trying to piece together information but still not knowing what to believe.

No more relying on diet recommendations without understanding them. Know the "how" and "why" to what your pet should be eating!

No more wondering if your pet could be healthier on a different diet.

I can take you from feelings of uncertainty and frustration to having

complete confidence in not only selecting a pet food,

but also optimizing your pet's health through nutrition!

What My Students Are Saying...

If you love your pet, you NEED to do this program. Your pet will thank you!

I was never sure what I was feeding Jax was right. He has a sensitive stomach and has been through many trials and errors with his food over his lifetime, and the guessing game was getting old and frustrating. I wanted to cut to the chase and get answers ASAP.

Jax is living proof that Nourish was worth every penny. He has always been a happy, playful dog, but now after adding fresh food to his diet he plays fetch like a puppy and seems to have a ton of energy. His latest blood test from the vet with flying colors was all the evidence I needed. It feels so good to see him so healthy. I'm so grateful!



"Having lost our best friend to hemangiosarcoma, and knowing so many dogs will develop cancer at some point, knowing I have a chance to help mitigate cancer or helping them through it, by what we feed them or what we don’t feed them was a major push for why I signed up for this course.

I trust Dr. Wolfe because of her credentials. This isn’t just another vet making a big statement and offering insight in exchange for money - this is a legitimate educational process to help empower you, the pet parent, to know what’s going on and how to best help your furry family members. I can assure you, the time and money you put into this is well worth it."



"This course will change your pets life, and I can guarantee it will make your bond closer.

I enrolled in Nourish because I was trying to find the best possible way to help my little guy overcome his picky eating, GI & sensitive skin issues. This course has made the ultimate difference in the way my dog responds to meal times.

Dr Wolfe is very intelligent and caring. Not only does she know her stuff, she is diligent in making sure everyone knows both the benefits and risks of a homemade pet diet or kibble. She is there with you every step of the way through the Q&A sessions and made the course feel very personable."



"Nourish is the best thing I have done for the health and well being of my dog. The knowledge Dr. Wolfe provided was worth every penny. Zero regrets!

I didn’t realize I had a problem until I came across Dr. Wolfe’s account. I had no clue how to read ingredient lists and no clue just how bad most of the ingredients are.

The more I followed Dr. Wolfe the more I became confident she was doing all she does for the right reasons. She truly cares about animals and their health and well being.

Not only do I now feel more confident but my dog is reaping the benefits. He looks like a whole new dog!"



"Before Nourish, I was falling prey to advertising tactics, didn't know how to evaluate pet foods, and felt intimidated to cook for my dog.

I had a senior dog with multiple health issues and food sensitivities. On a gut level I knew that food could be a tool to improve his health but I didn't have the information/confidence to make dietary decisions. He passed about a year ago and we welcomed a new generation of fur babies into our lives and I want to do better for them in his honor.

Because of Nourish, I feel like I can effectively evaluate pet foods and make wiser choices about what to feed. It is well worth the investment of dollars and time. I knew I was getting a lot and boy did the course deliver!

If you feel committed to caring for you pet -do it!"

- Alex


"Before Nourish, I spent countless hours trying to research information in regards to my pet's needs. I was worried that I was going to make her health worse by making mistakes.

My favorite part of the course was the video tutorial for making a homemade diet. I would have totally made a mess of it otherwise! Nourish has helped so much. There is a lot that this course taught that I was not expecting to receive when I purchased it - things the vet never told me. I highly recommend this course!



"Life before Nourish was stressful and I often felt helpless and frustrated. I needed to be able to make customized recipes with the ingredients I had, and be able to make changes to those recipes when product availability changed (I live on an island).

Because of Nourish, I feel totally confident making a recipe quickly anytime I need to make changes.

If you're thinking about enrolling, do it. The learning is very valuable and easy to digest for anyone!"



"Nourish is the best thing you can do if you love your dogs and want them to live a long life!

I love how Dr. Wolfe is so passionate about what she does and teaches and I just sincerely trust her and just know that she wants us to learn how to give our fur babies the best nutrition and lifestyle possible!"


"Before Nourish, I spent many hours trying to figure out what ingredients, vitamins, and supplements were best but there is a lot of information out there and no way to ensure that I was making the right choices.

Nourish has helped me be much more confident that I can provide better nutrition for my pets and now I know exactly what is in their food! If you're considering enrolling, go for it - it is worth it!"



"Before Nourish, I was confused about pet food, worrying about what the ingredients were in my dogs food and frustrated not knowing what to do with little time to talk with the vet. If you are looking to stop wasting time confused about what pet food to feed, enroll in Nourish!"





The Ultimate Guide

to Pet Nutrition

Meet Your Instructor

Hi! I'm Dr. Hillary Wolfe - veterinarian, certified veterinary food therapist, and creator of Nourish. I spent nearly a decade in school to obtain my doctorate degree in veterinary medicine, and have been in the field for over 14 years.

My obsession? I'm crazy about empowering pet parents to take charge of their pet's nutrition and overall health. It is my belief that making the exact same food recommendations for every pet would be a disservice to patients and clients. There is so much that goes into selecting a pet food, and one size does not fit all!

This is why my passion is to educate pet parents on the basics of pet nutrition, so they can improve their pet's health and increase their longevity. After all, who doesn't want as many extra happy and healthy years as possible with their dog or cat?


Bachelor of Science in Biology, 2011

Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, 2015

NAVC Pet Nutrition Coach Certification, 2020

CIVT Veterinary Natural Nutrition Certification, 2022

Chi University Food Therapy Certification, 2023

CIVT Integrative Therapeutic Nutrition Certification, in progress

NAVC Pet Therapeutic Nutrition Coach Certification, in progress

Take a peek inside Nourish...



A to Z Ingredient Directory:

An extensive list of commonly used pet food ingredients, including what they are, why they're in the food, and which ones to avoid


Automatic macronutrient analysis calculator & calorie calculator:

No more trying to decipher the amount of protein and carbs in a food or how many calories your pet should eat - these calculators takes care of the math for you!


Homemade recipe tutorial:

A step-by-step walk through of how to build complete and balanced homemade recipes PLUS 12 sample starter recipes

To recap, you'll receive...

Money Back Guarantee

I know Nourish will be life changing for your pet. I'm confident that you will love the course, but am willing to remove 100% of the risk.

You have a 7-Day NO-RISK GUARANTEE to check out Nourish. If you decide the content is just not for you, I will issue you a 100% refund. That's how much I believe in Nourish - I take all the risk away so you can feel confident to start the journey to improving your pet's health and nutrition.

For additional details, be sure to read the refund policy linked below.



Am I a good fit for this course?

This course is for you if...

  • You want a deeper understanding of your pet's nutritional needs and are looking to optimize their health and wellness through food.
  • You want a reliable method of evaluating pet foods
  • You want to reduce your pet's risk of cancer and illness and increase their lifespan.

​This course is not for you if...

  • You’re looking for a quick "feed this food" recommendation. To truly understand a recommendation, you need to know the why behind it. This course equips you with a foundational understanding of your pet's nutritional needs so that you can improve the quality and length of their life.

Is this course suitable for veterinarians and veterinary technicians?​​

This course serves as a great tool for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. While it is geared towards pet parents, there is a plethora of information in the course that can be used in every day practice.

How long will the course take to complete?

There are 6 modules that contain a total of about 6 hours of video instruction. If you choose to formulate a diet for your pet, this will add some additional time. The course is completely self-paced, so the timeframe at which you complete the core of the course is totally up to you!

How long will I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the videos inside the course. Research is constantly underway, so you will also receive free access to updates or additions to the course over time.

Nourish Disclaimer

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